Wait, Listen, Watch, Learn

Paul in Galatians.

Chapter 1.
Quick points.
From his SAVING Damascus Road encounter with YESHUA he went to Arabia for training; not from man but The Spirit of GOD Himself trained and taught Saul\Paul. Three (3) years he stayed in Arabia learning, listening, waiting.  Then he returned to Damascus for a time. We are not told how long.

From Damascus, he went to Jerusalem to see Peter. He spent 15 days with Peter. He also saw James, the LORD’s half brother – same Mother, not the same Father.  YESHUA knows about blended families. 🙂

From there he went into the regions of Syria and Cilicia. The Churches of Judea in Christ there had heard of Saul, they didn’t know him by face, only his former reputation. A fierce persecutor of Christians, The Way. BUT. They gave him a chance. They waited. They listened. They watched. And they glorified God in him. How great is that?!

If you would care to read Galatians 1, here’s a LINK.

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