Liberty or The Trojan Horse?

As JT was leading us in prayer this morning, the following began to form. So, even before making the bed or grabbing some breakfast, I picked up a digital screen and began to write.  For what it is worth to you it is this:

Of all the enemies that have arisen, America today faces combined forces, most fierce.
As Nations would arise against Israel to take her captive, America now faces enemies from within; fighting with all their might to bring Americans to subjection and captivity.
From within have arisen, people that know not GOD.
People who have rejected the Law and rule of GOD.
People who have rejected Law and Order created for the health and well-being of mankind.
People who have devised wicked, treacherous, murderous schemes to overturn and topple this Nation.
All their evil plots and actions have been to capture Liberty; to strangle, pull-down, and thrust The Lady in The Harbour into the sea of poverty of soul and material for the common man but opulence for the Puppet Master and his Minions. 

This is not just a squabble. This is a fight to the death. Who will die?
Will it be Lady Liberty or will it be the Trojan Horse?

From sea to shining sea there are Patriots, Apathetics (I realize that is not a proper word, but you get my point), and Mercenaries.

Some of these Patriots are Believers, following the GOD of Israel; some are not, but they LOVE America.
Some Apathetics have named the Name of Christian; some have not.
And the Mercenaries?
Need I say more? They are easily recognized.

So, now I have to ask, Do you know who you are?

Joshua 24:15

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