Day 26

Day 26 of The Giving of Thanks

The United States of America.
I am giving thanks today that even though Academia and others of Influence have sought diligently to hid away America’s true history, I am grateful for the Documents, the Letters, and the Books that have been secured.
We can KNOW our real history.
We can know the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
The Good to rejoice over and there is much Good to thank GOD for.

There is more than enough Bad and Ugly to learn from and make sure it is not repeated. 

I would to The Great LORD that we as a people would come to understand that The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution were and are GIFTS from ALMIGHTY GOD.
These documents were birthed in the heart of people led by GOD HIMSELF.
And to every soul who does not believe this, I have to say You don’t know History, not the real History of America.
Here is an excellent place to begin.

There are MANY more! I praise JESUS for David Barton. 

And you might want to visit my November 24, 2020 post for another wonderful video, if you missed it at the post date. 

Again, Happy Thanksgiving. GOD has given us so much!! 

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