From a Decade Ago

The colors are long gone now but this message is just as fresh — from March 1, 2011. 

If you like click HERE and read from a decade ago. 

Here’s a start, to see if you might be interested. 

I am flat-out enjoying the new colors in our hall bath. I often stop in passing, lean my head against the door facing and just smile.

As I begin to write I am fresh from cleaning the miniature roller I used this morning for some touch-up and I have an application to share with you. It is by no means new but I have to have something to write about for our Tuesday time together.  🙂

I noticed it takes a lot of water to get the paint roller clean. Even when the roller looked clean and white again and I thought I might be finished, with just a little squeeze I knew there was yet paint hiding deep in the roller. 

Is a picture forming for you?


The rest HERE.


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