From A Few Years Back

I’ve been reading myself today.
SO, for tomorrow which is today by the time you get to read it, may I please go back to 2015 and give you a post from then to read today? 

Let me give you a portion of the post on this page and if you want to visit with the original, please do HERE.
There have been a few changes since the first writing – I’m a GREAT Grandmother now! 
And I’m several years older, Curves closed in our area but neighborhood streets still run to and fro. 🙂
And from time to time JT and I take a peppy walk. We can still do about 3.4 mph for a couple or three miles.
Enough of that.  To the 2015 post . . .

I am a rusher. I rush just about everything I do or think. Today’s Journeyof all things, is asking who am I. And what did I do as I began to read it? Yep. I rushed to read it, in fact as soon as I finish forming this sentence I am going to go back to it for I have yet to finish the reading as I rushed here to start writing this post. 

Other than one who rushes I wear many hats: wife, mother, grandmother, step-mother/grandmother, Sunday School leader/teacher; sometimes runner, more often walker, 🙂 active Curves member, which probably clues you in that I have a thing for fitness. The truth is I stay active because I like to eat. 🙂 And I like to cook; I try to keep things on the healthy side, most of the time. My hubby retired this year and we are still adjusting. Actually, we are flat-out giddy about 6 Saturdays a week! Our days are packed with back-to-back long-awaited to-be-done projects and GRANDS who keep us young with all manner of activities. It’s all good! 

Still, with all that, is that who I am? Am I, are any of us, the sum total of what we do?  What happens when my doing is done? Who will I be then when what I do now I can do no more? Valid questions for pondering, huh?  There is an answer.

Isaiah 43:1 But now this is what Adonai says,
he who created you, Ya‘akov,
he who formed you, Isra’el:
“Don’t be afraid, for I have redeemed you;
I am calling you by your name; you are mine. [source]

You are mine, says GOD. Could there be anything more identifying?
Whose I am determines who I am.  
That’s the cake! What I get to do with all the people I love is delicious icing!

So that’s about it. If by chance you have not read Our Story, check it out HERE.

Until next time ~ ~ ~ Kathie 

P.S. I am still trying to LEARN to NOT rush. 

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