A New Story

I saw this on Facebook today. 

And while I formulated a response on Facebook I decided to post it here instead. 

To us in our world who want no judging of one another, we are erring badly. 
You see ALL misery, sorrows, the whole gamut of pain in this world is due to SIN; either ours or someone else’s OR a combination of both – being that we sin in response to their sin – often that is due to a refusal to forgive and trust GOD to defend us and help us. 

So, here’s my first thought.  Likely I will follow with some more. 

I get the warm fuzzies of this sentiment but it does not liberate the one with the story. It gives excuses but not hope for a better story; for a story with victory over hurts and sorrows and pains. GOD has already done the judging – He has judged ALL sin for whatever reason committed, and our only hope for victory is to help one another COME OUT of our sins and live a NEW STORY. As I said I get the sentiment. I get that we all want warm fuzzies, we all want acceptance, but it’s not sentiment that heals, It’s repentance, forgiveness, and obedience in love.

I have heard it over and over: you can’t judge me
You are right I can’t but I am obligated by LOVE when prompted by HOLY SPIRIT to offer you victory over your sins.
And quite frankly if you are my brother and sister in CHRIST JESUS, you owe it to me when you see me practicing sin to come to me and offer me hope and help to forsake that sin. 

That’s the way I see it. 

We have the RIGHT to do right in this WRONG world,

Please know your honest questions are welcome here, via comment or email.

3 thoughts on “A New Story

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