Not Just a Writing Prompt

Windows and sunshine. 

I’m not kidding.
This very sight is one of the things for which I give thanks – often.
Not just today as a writing prompt. Even though it is. 

How lavishly fortunate we are to have a place, a roof over our heads with walls and windows in all our rooms to let in that glorious light from the sun that warms and comforts us, that helps grow our foods, that gives us much needed Vitamin D to ward off diseases. 

Today, we live in a place of extravagance, and yet with all our extravagance without sun, moon, air, and water – we soon would not be at all. 

Could we today give thanks for the common things; things that we have closed our eyes to; things that we only miss when they are gone? 

So. For what are YOU giving thanks today? 

Just in case you are interested 48 times in the KJV we find give thanks referenced. 
Here are a few and a link for the rest. 

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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