The Staff of Life

Wheat Berries,  A Grain Mill Attachment, and Freshly Baked Bread – for these I am giving thanks.
Freshly milled flour, yeast, some honey, a little salt, warm water, and soon the fragrance of bread fills the kitchen and perhaps the den too. 🙂

Bread, the staff of life.
Truly. There’s just something lovely about it.

I remember thinking some long uncertain time ago that somehow I am not surprised that BREAD has gotten a bad rap.  And why not? With every morsel of bread, we eat we should be reminded of Our Savior, The Bread of Life. No wonder bread is slandered.
It’s been called fattening, and other unfavorable names.  Decades ago when the berries were modified and the fields were sprayed with pesticides and plowed with chemical fertilizers – well, I must agree adulterated bread is deadly. 

BUT for me with organic, unmodified wheat berries milled fresh, that bread nourishes the body, brightens the soul, and reminds the spirit of
The Bread of Life. 
Yes. For this I am thankful.

O taste and see that The LORD is good. See Psalm 34:8

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