Whatcha Say?

For what am I giving thanks today? 
November 18 is my re-birth birthday!

It’s been decades! But I remember it well; down to the date, the place, and the hour. 
The labor was long and painful but JESUS won and HE saved me from hell and birthed me into His Kingdom and has been transforming me since.
That too has been long and painful — for both of us. 

I know He finds no pleasure in my struggles, my refusals, and all things that hinder my transformation from darkness to His Image. (see Romans 8:28-30 and More HERE.) 
I know He hurts when I hurt and I know He loves me ALWAYS. 
I also know He is ALWAYS good; that He NEVER has a dark side. 
And it is these facts very much in evidence that keep me safe and yes sound. 

There is a Gospel on the market; being sold at a cheap price — It’s not the real thing.
I hope none of you have bought into it. 

The cheap Gospel gives the impression that we are doing GOD a favor by saying the sinner’s prayer and letting Him into our hearts
It’s promoted as simple as A B C or 1 2 3.  Not so. 

Salvation is a Damascus Road experience.   Acts 9
Damascus Roads vary from person to person but all come at a
Cross Road; a point of CRISIS
Read your Bible. No soul saved by GOD ALMIGHTY came to Him flippantly or nonchalantly. 
It was serious. They were desperate. They were undone. 
They knew they were of unclean lips and desperately wicked in need of forgiveness and deliverance. (See Isaiah 6:5-9 and Jeremiah 17:9)

I knew that too.  But I only came to know the HEALER of my unclean, desperately wicked soul, when HOLY SPIRIT convinced me of sin, of Righteousness and Judgment to come. (See John 16:8 and John 6:44).

It’s hard to admit to yourself and agree with GOD that you are a hell-deserving sinner.
It’s so hard without the help of HOLY SPIRIT it can’t be done. 
So when HE offers, people need to say YES. 
The offer does have an expiration day. (See Genesis 6:3 – He told us early on. And Hebrews 9:27-28).

Salvation begins with conviction and repentance. 
This present culture has a skewed understanding of sin and repentance. 
Sin is missing the mark of perfection. Perfect obedience to Thus Saith The LORD.
In other words: HOLINESS.

We are commanded by GOD to be HOLY.  (see 1 Peter 1:16)
How are you holding up? 
Without hesitation or reservation, I can tell ya, not good! 

Only JESUS lived on this planet without messing up even once. 

So now what?
Whatcha going to do with your sin, with your lack of HOLINESS? 

Deny it? Or confess it? 

You see Repentance means ‘to change your mind’.
Repentance comes when we think, we believe, we say the same about our sin as GOD says about our sin.

Do you know what GOD says about your sin?
Do you care?

Whatcha say? 

2 thoughts on “Whatcha Say?

  1. Sister Kathie,

    I say Hallelujah that you’re our sister in the Lord! Certainly there was more joy in the presence of the angels that blessed day. We’re better Christians for having known you. One day closer to Home and Him!

    Brother Marc

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