I’m Hungry


The Hebrews on the 15th day of the second month since departing Egypt are complaining. 
Big time complaining. Like:
“. . . You have taken us out into this desert to let this whole assembly starve to death!”  (verse 3)

That’s what they said. 

Interesting, they were wishing they had died in Egypt — but here the thought of starving to death was not welcomed. 
Humans. We are a messed up bunch — until JESUS is LORD of us. 

Verse 18  . . .  each person had gathered according to his appetite.
This is speaking of the Manna that GOD sent to them each morning.
They got quail in the evening. 

This is my observation – we do the same.
We gather from the Bread of Heaven – The Word of GOD according to our appetite.
We eat the amount we want.
This is why it is so important that we pray for GOD to increase our appetite – to literally ask Him to create in us a hunger for His Word.
If we ask and keep on asking HE WILL.

Would you say, we watch television, YouTubes, listen to music, etc., etc. according to our appetite?

What are our appetites? 
What do we crave?
How can we know?
What say ye?

2 thoughts on “I’m Hungry

  1. This is a great reminder to ask myself these questions every day. Oh that I hunger for Gods word more than anything else in life.

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