Broken Record


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am here. 

Here again to encourage you, to ask you to please READ Scripture daily. 
To read not just a verse or two out of context but instead to read at least a chapter a day. Please. 
I mean pick a book of the Bible – a book of your choosing- perhaps not Revelation if you are not well acquainted with Scripture. 
Any one of the Gospels perhaps and daily read a chapter. Daily ask Father GOD to reveal what He has said and what He is saying to you. 

As the days we are living grow darker and sin increases and love grows colder (Matthew 24:12), Scripture is our lifeline.
Scripture will encourage us, enlighten, strengthen, embolden, and preserve us — pray to love the Word as your bread because if you are a child of GOD, it is your bread!
It is your food to nurture and sustain you.
Let us dare not ignore the Holy Scriptures that are able to deliver us! 


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