A Fast Week

It has been a fast week for us.

We have had storms here in Lower Alabama this evening; for our particular area, they seem to have passed. We are grateful.
Some miles from us, people are without electrical power – it’s an unpleasant occurrence. May it be restored soon for them. May the utility workers be protected as well.

You know life here is often uncomfortable, inconvenient, and sometimes just downright hard and/or tragic, but still there is just something in us that wants to stay. Perhaps it’s not so much here, as it is the people who are here that keep our feet so grounded.  Even this very night I am thinking of families hoping and praying for people they love to recover. I pray that too. Tonight those prayers are for daddies in particular.
Whatever the age, Girls, want their daddies – Daughters in their teens or daughters with daughters of their own.
Families. We love them so dearly. So we, pray.

I hope before you lay your head to sleep tonight that you too will pray for families – your own and others you know who are hurting and needy.
That really includes all of us, doesn’t it?

Good night. Friends.

Love, Kathie 

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