Remember Lot’s Wife

I and likely thousand upon thousands were admonished by the sermon to Remember Lot’s Wife.

It was a good and valid sermon as far as it went. I am mindful now as I think of it it is like a surgeon with a scalpel – a cutting tool. Do we not know unless the surgeon cuts deep enough and wide enough diseased tissue will not be eradicated, and it will be left to  invade and infect connecting healthy tissue?

32Remember Lot’s wife.

You can find the verse at Luke 17:32.

It’s written in red — JESUS spoke it with His GODMAN lips when He walked on this earth. 
To whom did He say it?
We would have to read the chapter to answer that.  I am providing you a LINK for immediate reading. And I hope you will read it. Verse one will answer the question. 

1 Now He said to His disciples, “It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to one through whom they come!  source

To whom is He still saying it? 
Isn’t it safe to say He is still speaking to us, His Disciples of today?

Remember Lot’s wife
What did Lot’s wife do? I hope you will read Genesis 19 for the answer. 

It’s been said she got stuck. I get that but let’s cut deeper.
Why did she get stuck?
Was it her house in the city? Was it her new king-size comforter? Was it her prominent lifestyle?  Was it friends? Was it her lovely garden? A new chariot and that beautiful stallion in the stall?  
We cannot say for certain and perhaps that is good because now it’s open for us to identify with her, learn from her sin and not sin in that way ourselves. 
So just why did she die with the same sulfur that killed the people in Sodom?

Allow me to give you an answer to ponder.word of GOD

Because she disobeyed GOD!
Getting stuck my Friends in whatever state it may be (bitterness, unforgiveness, addictions, resentments, etc.) is a consequence of SIN.
Why are we so afraid to use the words sin and disobedience in Christiandom today? 
Why do we use softer words like stuck?  Why do we not wield the Word of GOD like a skilled surgeon uses a scalpel?  
People do not need band-aids. They need transformation — to become a new creation. (see 2 Corinthians 5:17)

Remember Lot’s Wife.
Lot’s wife died Y’all. She died because she refused to obey GOD.

How many things in our lives do we love more than we love obeying GOD?
Remember Lot’s Wife. Luke 17:32. 

Love, Kathie