It’s a quiet morning here at The White Stone Blog and in the house where we abide. Beacon-Generating-Warm-Light-Surrounding-Scenes-Are-Bright-and-Colorful-Can-Comfort-and-Set-One-s-Mind-at-Ease-HD-Natural-Scenery-Wallpaper

It is also December 25.
The world is celebrating who/what they do not know.

For the few of us whose month of December has been different, I have a few words.
To be honest, this morning I picked up one of my prayer journals, the one on my nightstand, and I wrote to Father that I had to be honest with Him that I missed some of the traditions of the Day – the warm fuzzies, the very sentimental, traditional things. And then “this is the day” came to mind, so I looked it up. It’s in Psalm 118.
I read the whole Psalm  – twice.
It gave me holy and much-welcomed warm fuzzies.
If you read it, may it do the same for you — especially if your December has been different and you have been experiencing just a bit of “missing something”.

So I was wondering how long have people been doing this?
When did it get started and why did it start?
There’s nothing recorded in the New Testament, so it must have been after the early Church.
They didn’t do this. So, I looked.

And of all places on the History Webpage, I found some low-down.
I have no reason to doubt them — do you?

Click HERE to read what I read. 
I’ll leave you to your own thoughts.

The cups of  tea and  red scarf near cozy fireplace.

   Love, Kathie 

Post-Script (PS)

This analogy is inferior but let me share it anyway.  It might help a few.
First, let me do a little setup.
One, JESUS is not a fallen human so He is not selfish, egotistical, or self-centered, unlike all unredeemed humans.

Now, how honored would YOU consider yourself to be if the world said it was throwing YOU a 2 to 3-month birthday party and the entire 2 to 3 months was all about those attending the party and YOU were barely mentioned (except in the promoting of the party and a few readings of the story of the night YOU were born) by only a small, small minority of the attendees?

Would YOU consider this a party celebrating YOUR birthday?

Would YOU dare pull such a fraud on any of YOUR family or friends?

Such is the world’s celebration that officially ended yesterday – December 25.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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