Page Visiting

Today like many days, I opened Youtube and today like many days, something caught my attention. 
Today’s attention grabber was a big one. Big enough that I am obligated to share it with you.
However, my sharing is located at Because We Need to Know — 2.
Here’s the LINK.
Please visit the page. 

Thank you, my friends. 

An Overview

Just a little reminder for interested parties – Readers.

Perhaps you have noticed The White Stone offers more reading pages than the Home Page. 
Contained in the Sidebar are many titles, some with videos and articles by other Writers.

But a couple of those pages are for additional things I write. Like NOTES.  I added to that page just today.
It is a page that houses–well, notes that I make from Scripture passages I have read. It’s limited in content right now but who knows — it might expand. I hope it will be of interest to you.

KWT’s Back Page Musings is mine as well.

What’s Here

It is not my custom to do this but today I am.

I added some reading material to Because We need to Know.
I hope you will check it out. Let me explain — for those of you who are email subscribers, only when I post to this front page do you get a notice; all additional pages here at The White Stone give no email inbox notice when I add to them. 

In case you might have overlooked it – that’s easy to do if you only read here from your phone — Desktops give a wider screen. 


LORD willing I’ll be back soon.

7 Foods . . .

I am here to share a video with you.
Click 7 Foods above or continue reading below whichever you see. 

It is a treasure chest of information and knowledge. I hope you will avail yourself of this video; watch, listen and learn. 

Here goes Much!  Click and enjoy!

We were made for this,