I think a very brief Word is all I have for us today.

Psalm 19:8  (7) The Torah of Adonai is perfect,
restoring the inner person. [source]

When we as Gentiles see the Word Torah we have been taught to think law. That is not wrong but a proper understanding of Torah is more than just Law.  Torah in our English language would be more closely related to our word Teaching. The Torah of the LORD is law, instructions, commands, and counsel, all as our schoolmaster to teach us we need a Savior and to teach us how to live while we are here on this planet.  The Torah, the Teaching, the Whole Counsel of GOD applied to our minds and hearts by the HOLY SPIRIT restores our souls.

So when our souls are parched; when we are ill-tempered and out of sorts; when our countenance is downcast and moody, we are in need of the Torah of the LORD. His Word WILL restore and make glad our souls. We just have to feed on His Torah and allow Him to strengthen and heal us.  It is my hope we will.

Thank You, Father. I pray, HOLY SPIRIT, You will apply Your Word to our souls and we will be healed in the Mighty Name of ADONAI.


Reading Myself

Reading myself on August 6, 2013 written on January 5, 2010 and this phrase from Scripture stood for attention: 17 For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, [source].

The flesh lusts against the Spirit. 

Flesh. That would be my old unregenerate nature with which I was born.

Spirit. That would be the new nature infused into my being at the moment of rebirth.

Lust. a passionate or overwhelming desire or craving [source].
An even more appropriate definition, I think, is that lust is desiring to or actually fulfilling any legitimate passion, desire, or craving in an illegitimate or ungodly, unholy way.

And so with this background thinking, this is the message I heard: my flesh is constantly trying to overthrow (in acts of war) my Spirit in order to satisfy my legitimate needs, passions, desires, and cravings in an unholy way; unholy being any way other than the way GOD has prescribed in His Word by HIS SPIRIT for my needs, passions, desires, and cravings to be fulfilled.

Romans 7:15 I don’t understand my own behavior — I don’t do what I want to do; instead, I do the very thing I hate! 16 Now if I am doing what I don’t want to do, I am agreeing that the Torah is good. 17 But now it is no longer “the real me” doing it, but the sin housed inside me. 18 For I know that there is nothing good housed inside me — that is, inside my old nature. I can want what is good, but I can’t do it! 19 For I don’t do the good I want; instead, the evil that I don’t want is what I do! 20 But if I am doing what “the real me” doesn’t want, it is no longer “the real me” doing it but the sin housed inside me. 21 So I find it to be the rule, a kind of perverse “torah,” that although I want to do what is good, evil is right there with me! 22 For in my inner self I completely agree with God’s Torah; 23 but in my various parts, I see a different “torah,” one that battles with the Torah in my mind and makes me a prisoner of sin’s “torah,” which is operating in my various parts. 24 What a miserable creature I am! Who will rescue me from this body bound for death? 25 Thanks be to God [, he will]! — through Yeshua the Messiah, our Lord!

To sum up: with my mind, I am a slave of God’s Torah; but with my old nature, I am a slave of sin’s “Torah.”

via Romans 7 NKJV;CJB – Freed from the Law – Or do you not – Bible Gateway.

And one more to sum up.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who gives me power.

via Phil 4:13 NKJV;CJB – I can do all things through Christ who – Bible Gateway.


P.S. Summer has been full and ABBA continues to be AWESOME in ALL He is and does. Autumn is approaching and plans are forming for ministry and fun. Blessings to you my Friends!

Something New About Something Old

I have fallen way behind in my workbook in my James study (Beth Moore) and yet as ABBA would have it He’s right on time where I picked up today.

The statement that prompted me here is one Beth made on page 108 of the aforementioned workbook: “and then she did something new. She believed God and acted upon it.”

And the light came on!  And so to all of us the word is

Do something new — believe GOD.

And one might say I believed GOD a long time ago! And that for sure is true. But what about this?

In that old situation, in that protracted issue that is beyond wearisome – do something new! Believe GOD! And act upon that belief! 

Our subject She is Rabah. We can correctly surmise, I believe, that Rahab had long been in her situation. That she had long been taking care of business. But on the day those two Jewish ‘Boys’ came by her house, she did something very new! And the new she did changed her life and her legacy.

To read and refresh your recollection of Rahab please click HERE for a link to read Joshua 2, Joshua 6 and Matthew 1.

Doing something new – Believing GOD – delivered Rahab from prostitution and placed her in the lineage of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Perhaps we do not need to be rescued, delivered from prostitution; perhaps we don’t even need to be rescued and delivered from some disabling addiction; but I’m thinking there is not a one of us that does not need to do something new about something old.     

What would doing something new – Believing GOD  – do for you and me? We won’t know til we do!!

If this generates questions in your mind, perhaps we can inquire of  ABBA together – send me a comment or an email and lets talk.

Blessings of Joy and Peace,