Not So

Without radio or TV playing, one in the kitchen can hear the voices of GRANDS in their respective bedrooms. And as Josh called out to Isabel to ‘come here’, a sweet thought came to me that perhaps will give you a moment of kind reflection or some encouragement.

When JESUS calls to us ‘come to Me’, it’s only a step for us because He has already come to where we are.

Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all of you who are struggling and burdened, and I will give you rest.

via Matthew 11:27-29 KJV;CJB – All things are delivered unto me of my – Bible Gateway.

Not always but sometimes we call out for someone to come to us because we are comfortable where we are and we don’t want to make the effort to go to them even though we have a message for them.

NOT SO with JESUS. He had/has a message for us but He does not call us to come a long distance to receive it – only a step – for He has already traveled the distance to meet us. HOW AWESOME is HE?! And how blessed a truth is this for us?

Blessings Dear Friends!

Be Hidden in CHRIST,

Thank You, ABBA, Thank You LORD YESHUA for coming the distance for us and thank You HOLY SPIRIT that You keep doing it for us. And I know You are doing so for GRACE in this moment. As I think about her agony as she grieves the death of her son, I know only You can get her though this season and so I pray; pray for her to just be in You and I pray for family and friends to come alongside and bless her with love and arms to lean on. And, ABBA, there may be others today with similar depths of grief, I pray for them too to take that step to Your comfort. For all the hurting who come to this page or for those who come bringing someone else in their heart, I pray for all of us to take that step and receive Your comfort. Thank You, LORD JESUS. amen and amen.

Its’ really quiet in the house . . . wonder if I should check on that? 🙂

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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