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This is more than my little soul can take in but what I can of it, it is warmth and comfort, happy giggles and dancing. 3344730-1477090750790_640x640The LORD JESUS here on mission as the GOD-Man experienced the joy of the HOLY SPIRIT – is it any wonder He wants to share Him with us?! See John 14:16-17.

JESUS, was here! walking as a man and He prayed; He thanked the Father, carried on conversations with Him and He made the way for us to do the same. Amazing!

And. Look at this! It is those who are childlike – trusting, not puffed up with themselves, not proud and wise in their own eyes – it is those to whom GOD reveals Himself. JESUS liked that! He thanked ABBA for it. It is good for me to do the same.

One more look. O Father, Lord of heaven and earth. 
Perhaps we have lost the magnitude of that. 

I listened to a preacher today who said that. He said we have lost the magnitude of the message Peter delivered to Cornelius. The magnificent message that JESUS was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died as our substitute, rose from the dead and is coming again. There is no greater message. No greater revelation. No greater anything! Check out Acts 10.You may also check out Preacher Tim Hill HERE.


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