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I just wanted a means, something to put on the page for today to help keep The White Stone on your radar and, of course, in the process hopefully give you something helpful.


Esther 1:13  (TLV) 13 .  . . for it was the king’s practice to consult experts in matters of law and justice.  source

That’s what opened and that’s what I saw. 

Key words: practice to consult experts

The complete verse:  Esther 1: (TLV) 13 So the king consulted the wise men who discerned the times, for it was the king’s practice to consult experts in matters of law and justice. source

What better counsel could we have? To consult experts in the field of   – – –  whatever the field of question or decision I would say.  But how do we choose an expert? VERY CAREFULLY!  For me, my experts MUST line up with Scripture.  Without that alignment with the Bible I cannot shall we say trust their expertise. 

For it was the king’s practice. 

Abba, thank You. Thank You for this passage of Scripture. And thank You that I just happened 🙂 upon it today. Thankfully America does not have a king but we do have a president so it is for our President that I ask that You move upon him to more and more consult experts not only in fields of law and justice but experts in all matters before him for decisions. I pray those experts will not be experts of only earthly wisdom but will have heavenly wisdom as well – Your Wisdom, Father.  And not just President Trump but Vice President Pence and Attorney General Sessions, Secretary of Education, Secretary of HUD, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, each and every person in the Trump Administration, I pray You will make Yourself and Your Ways known to them and I pray they will respond accordingly.  Thank You, Abba. 

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