I’m Here to publicly Repent

I loaded a couple of posts this morning to my Blog, Just Because, and I loaded them there because they didn’t contain any Scripture; an effort to keep politics separate.
I am hereby repenting of that. Christians keeping politics and Scripture separate is how we got in this mell of hess we are in.

So here are links to those posts and from henceforth I shall NOT be separating such posts. I shall get Father’s Scripture all up in my political business and efforts. 

Not This Time and Lost Me

Truthfully, keeping two Blogs is extra work.
I am not intending at this time to delete Just Because but that may come.
Why divide myself?
I am who I am.
And if you have any interest in what interests me, join me here at The White Stone.

There are no ads here at The White Stone because I pay a yearly fee for this blog to be ad-free.
I am not here to make money.
I am here to share with people I love and people I can learn to love. 🙂

As I said, if this interests you, Sign up for email delivery and never miss a post; nor spend your time searching Facebook to find my latest offering.

I hope this will prove to be an excellent move but even if it doesn’t  — I am who I am.
I am committed and determined to share the Truth and help as many people hear as will hear.

I hope you all are having a Sunday of peace and rest.

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