The White Stone. She’s an old blog. She’s been around since 2007. Not kidding.

Three days ago came the bright idea to ask JT to post my blog posts to his Facebook page.
People began finding The White Stone More one day traffic than in all our years.
I had heard that Facebook squelches reader audience for certain Facebook pages.
I am surprised to find mine is one of them.

So thank you so much for following my Love’s Facebook page. 
Just in case Facebook catches on and squelches JT’s page too, a free email subscription will ensure you don’t miss any posts here at The White Stone. Admittedly, some posts might not be your cup of tea, and if so you can delete that email right along with all those others. 🙂

So if you like us, just over there to the Right sidebar, you can sign up.
Follow Blog via Email.

P.S. There are no ads here at The White Stone because I pay a yearly fee for this blog to be ad-free.
I am not here to make money.
I am here to share with people I love and people I can learn to love.  🙂

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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