This Month of December

As I open this page I think I have not much to say on this first day of the last month of 2021.

December is a good month to reflect, asking ourselves – are there some things I need to finally settle so, at the close of this month, I can start fresh in 2022?

I can readily confess moving through this month and entering the 22nd year of this century 2000 does not have the anticipated bright horizons of just a couple of years ago. 

From a natural worldview, the goodnesses of freedom are . . . well, they are  – just not. 
The freedoms and abundance we squandered are disappearing quickly and in all honesty with you, I don’t see them coming back.  Nor do I see what is taking its place as anything desirable. I just don’t, Folks. 


I’m not expecting miracles from on High to turn back and revive the Republic we once very loosely held. I’m just not. What I do expect is many miracles for GOD’s beloved, obedient children.  I expect in times to come, however weeks, months, or years, it may be that Father GOD will be supplying manna from heaven to feed His own if that be necessary. I expect some folks in sincerity and truth to quietly seek out members of the Remnant to help them connect with GOD. I don’t expect a great worldwide revival but I do expect some Folks to get serious with GOD as we see our cushy, material world crash down around us. 

I don’t write these things to sadden you. I write them to warn you. I write them to tell you EXCITING times are coming for the Obedient People of GOD.  If you are HIS, you have NOTHING to fear. You have a Perfect Father who loves you perfectly who will never forsake you. Do I expect persecution for the Remnant? Yes, like we Western Christians have not experienced heretofore. BUT GOD will be faithful to His own.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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