Good Use

People who have researched more than I say the Epistles penned by Paul contain 43 different prayers he personally prayed. 

If you are interested in a PDF listing these prayers here’s a LINK to a printable copy.
I printed a copy for myself. I have a large appreciation, obviously, for internet pages; but in my humble opinion, there’s no substitute for paper and ink. 

AND if you want those prayers in a topical listing, click HERE.

I make NO claim to any of the materials at either URL address and I hope they will be helpful to you as you put them to good use. 


Father GOD,  I pray for each and every Reader here that their love will overflow still more and more in real knowledge of Your Word and in all discernment of all things touching their lives. I pray we will discover the excellent things You have for us; that we all will be sincere and blameless for the day of Christ Jesus; that we will be filled with the fruit of righteousness. We know our righteousness comes only through Your Holy Son Jesus the Christ and all this O, Father, we pray for Your Glory and Praise to Your Holy Name.