A quick personal testimony to you. 

This is a special year for me; I can tell it already. 
It’s the year to think before I start and when I start to finish – projects I mean. 
To choose projects wisely. Are they worthy of completion? Do you have the means to complete them?
These are questions I am asking myself. 
There’s a Biblical foundation for this. Really.  Luke 14:28-30

I hesitate to call it a project but for purposes here I am. 
Reading a prescribed Chapter of Scripture daily. 
It’s revolutionizing my understanding and my love for GOD’s Word!
The people on the pages live, walk, breathe and teach me! 

It’s a marvelous journey. 

If you are reading this from a desktop, laptop to your right is a sidebar (yes that’s what WordPress calls it).
Presently it reads this way:

January 16-22, 2022
Weekly Planner Reading
Sunday/ Mark 5.
Monday/ Mark 6.
Tuesday/ Mark 7.
Wednesday/ Mark 8.
Thursday/ Mark 9.
Friday/ Mark 10.
Saturday/ Mark 11.

This is my third week using this system in my 2022 planner.
Now, using a planner is new to me because I am a limited planner and scheduling?  Are you kidding?
Many days will be blank BUT the chapters listed at the top oh I am sold on them! 

You see today I am reading Mark 6. And because I read Matthew 3 and Matthew 4 last week when I read verse 12 today a light bulb appeared!

Scripture reading.
My testimony to you today is other than praying there isn’t a better thing you can do for yourself all day than reading Scripture! 

Mark 6:12.   Matthew 3:2    Matthew 4:17 
Check it out for yourself.

And you know if you don’t have such a planner for prescribed chapter reading – you can use the sidebar information and read along with me if you like. 
I’d be pleased and honored to have you along with me this year. 

Socks and Cards

Greeting Cards.

We don’t send or give as many as we used to. 
Especially the handwritten message inside the card kind. 

What brought this on?
A sock drawer. No kidding. Cleaning out a sock drawer.

Tucked away in the sock drawer along with socks, socks, and more socks were cards, cards, and more cards. 
Years of cards. 
Some of those cards or envelopes contained hand-written notes.
Some of those strokes of ink came from people who today do not travel earth’s sod. 

To see words written to us by their own hand — well, it’s pretty special. 

Did we keep every card?
Well, no we didn’t.
But more than a few we did.
As I said to J. we can’t discard hand-written messages. Those who took the time and care to pick up a pen, apply it to paper and send it on its way – that message is meant to be treasured.  At least by us – those who come behind us may find File 13 is completely appropriate. 

My point?
Written words live on. We need to write more, I think. 
To those we love. 
To those who have encouraged us.
To those, we want to encourage.

Letter writing was once a beautiful, fine art.
We paid attention to paper style, ink color, and its feel as it flowed onto the parchment, appearance, content. All these things we deemed important — once.

Why did we abandon this lovely expression of friendship and love? 

Who can you send a hand-written message of love and encouragement to today? 
Who can I? 


Father, today’s post on its surface is light; certainly not a heavy-lifter but it is my hope that You can use it to encourage us. To encourage us to make personal, meaningful connections with one another. To put it in writing when someone gives us a reason to smile. You, obviously, think written words are important. And speaking of Your Written Word, help us to neither add to nor subtract away from Your Holy Word but always treasure, cherish, and share Your WORD with each other. 
So I ask that each Reader who comes to this page today or for as long as this account remains that You will take a reading on their hearts, dig deep into their needs and bring them healing, relief, peace, joy, rescue, deliverance — whatever it is, Father. Thank You for loving us and always hearing us when we pray in and because of the Merits of Your Son, JESUS The CHRIST.