Don’t be One of Them

Matthew 4

So much! Where do I even begin and just think I see only a tiny portion of what is there! 

Over and over in this chapter, I see an enlightening glimpse of the love JESUS has for us. 
Just think of it! The GOD of the Universe, The Creator of it all HUMBLED Himself becoming a MAN to die on an execution stake!  See Philippians 2:8.

Because that was the ONLY way to SAVE us from our sins, hell, death, and the grave. 

This gets me!

Verses 3 – 10

The SCUMBAG of the Universe shows up. (And scumbag is way beyond non-descriptive of his evilness.)

 The Tempter came and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, order these stones to become bread.” source 

The GOD of the Universe lowered Himself, allowed Himself to take on a human body with its limitations, moreover even to hear the voice of and even interact with that vile scumbag, even to be in his loathsome presence and put up with the proud arrogance of this personification of evil. 
Why would He do that?
Only one reason!
It had to be done in order to save wretched people like you and me! 

O the love of GOD for us!!!

And as you read the chapter, please take note of verse 17. JESUS proclaimed the same message as did John. 

17 From that time on, Yeshua began proclaiming, “Turn from your sins to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near!”  source 

What does this mean the Kingdom of Heaven is near? 

My simple understanding of it today is when any human hears Holy Spirit speaking; when He confirms to a human – you are undone, you are a sinner in need of the Savior. Turn FROM your sins and TURN TO ME.

When a person knows that they know, and they don’t even know how they know, they just know they know. And what do they know? They know they need to be forgiven and JESUS is the only One who can forgive them, THEN The Kingdom of Heaven has come near them in that moment. 
They do not need to let that Holy Opportunity pass them by! 

Don’t be one of them!

We have the GOD-given Right to LIVE RIGHT in this WRONG world.