Books and More Books


Are you reading?
What are you reading?

That is your most important read — nothing and I do mean nothing compares to Scripture. 
It’s the only Words recorded ALIVE. 

While Scripture is imperative to life everlasting and peace here; other writings are helpful and some are just flat-out wholesome pleasure. 

For Tuesday as the sidebar will tell you my prescribed reading is Mark 14.

Mark 13 with its 37 verses was packed! 
You should count how many times JESUS cautioned them and us to Watch out! Stay Alert!
I hope you will check it out. 

I am getting no compensation and no recognition for this but there is this book I am recommending.
I am recommending it with only having read 22 pages so far. Yes, you read that right. 22 pages.
A sister/friend I am safe trusting has read it from cover to cover and she says it’s life-changing.
Yes. Her reputation with me is just that good. 

What’s the book?
Here let me give you a picture.

If you are interested I can point you in the direction of obtaining a copy of your own. 

And for this Tuesday I think I shall close with

We have the GOD-given RIGHT to do Right in this Wrong world!