An Overview

Just a little reminder for interested parties – Readers.

Perhaps you have noticed The White Stone offers more reading pages than the Home Page. 
Contained in the Sidebar are many titles, some with videos and articles by other Writers.

But a couple of those pages are for additional things I write. Like NOTES.  I added to that page just today.
It is a page that houses–well, notes that I make from Scripture passages I have read. It’s limited in content right now but who knows — it might expand. I hope it will be of interest to you.

KWT’s Back Page Musings is mine as well.

Like Nobody’s Business

Good Morning or afternoon as it may be where you are.
Perhaps it’s Friday for you.
At this posting, it is for me.

Three (3) more days in January 2022!
Life is but a vapor, isn’t it? 

This being so, how should we live?
This being so, what comes next?


What did JESUS say?