And Dawn Will Come

As I sit to write for Monday morning, we can confidently expect the morning will dawn – who it will dawn to shall be revealed. 

As night turns to day
As the sun’s rays streak across the sky,
We have hope for a new beginning; we have a new and fresh canvas — what shall we paint?

Father GOD, thank You for each dear one who comes to this page, on whatever future day it might be and I pray their visits here will be fruitful – that they will find something on these pages that You can anoint and use to refresh their souls.
I pray my words here will be understood and received as a message of hope even when You use those words for conviction and correction. I want these pages to be useful. I want these pages to encourage people to read Your Word and obey You day after day until YOU come for us. Amen and amen. 

Ephesians 3

Easy Sunday

Ephesians 2

It’s a chapter to be read with keen awareness and devoted appreciation. 
Oh, how I would love to read it aloud to you with all the passion and thankfulness that washes over me. 

I paraphrased the first two verses. 
Would you like to see them?

Ephesians 1: 1 I used to be dead because of my sins and acts of disobedience. 2  I walked in the ways of the world and obeyed the Ruler of the Powers of the Air, who is still at work among the disobedient.  original source 

The chapter goes on to say we all used to live this way; this natural, old nature with which we were born BUT GOD in His mercy and grace came and offered us more than just this natural sin-cursed life. He offered us through The Messiah Yeshua deliverance from sin, death, hell, and the grave. 

Not many in comparison have said yes. 
Have you? 

It’s been a quiet Sunday here at our lovely abode; these PJs sure are comfy.

Ephesians 2



Deep and wide darkness has come upon the world, specifically in the West, more specifically, North America.

It took a bit for me to notice the shift but looking back, the hovering mass of encroaching, life-stifling, demonic dominion unmistakably lowered itself upon us in early 2020.
For many moons, it had been hiding in plain sight and at just the prescribed time it flexed its muscles and masked this docile, intoxicated humanity.
What fools are unrepentant, unenlightened homo sapiens.
We have two classes now those who think they are in control of the rest of us and those who believe that tripe and have prostrated themselves before them.

How ironic, people refuse to submit to a Holy, Holy, Holy GOD who is pure love and pure justice but will without a question submit to unholy, ungodly, evil, depraved, lustful men and women parading themselves as god.
Go figure.

We who fit in neither of the two aforementioned classes have believed the Scriptures, so we are no longer scratching our heads wondering at the beast; but, we are endeavoring to speak to the few who have ears to hear and we are waiting for the culmination.

Even so, come quickly LORD JESUS.
The masses have earned Your WRATH.
Come and avenge The Name of Your Father and ours.
Come soon and put an end to the sin and wrong we pray.

Revelation 22:20

As I was about to send this post to go live, I heard the Supreme Court has ruled; that they have sent the question of abortion back to the States – abortion is no longer a legally held FEDERAL right. 
Now each State will have the opportunity to snuff out abortion for their State or keep on snuffing out the lives of womb babies. 
At least it is a pinprick in the shroud of darkness. 


Just Can’t Shake It.

I saw a Facebook post a number of days ago that I have yet to shake.
It screamed at me reminding me sharply not only of the lostness of people but the utter darkness of mind that compels, even hurls them into puffed-up confidence that they are truly enlightened.

What’s the jest of the post?
Casual sex.
Partner after partner with no remorse.
No stigma, no judgment allowed.
Generations of people are enslaved, without repentance, and are bound for eternal hell. 
People who are deluding themselves, refusing to know they are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked. Revelation 3:17

Naked without The Righteousness of The Christ and because of utter depravity are facing the WRATH of GOD.
Yes, people, GOD is love but His love demands His wrath on the unrepentant.
Don’t like that?
Don’t believe that?
That is to your detriment and GOD will so allow if you insist.

As I said, I have yet to shake it.
How can we get them to listen?
How can we rescue people who do not want to be rescued?
How can we get them to turn off the road to hell when they refuse to believe hell is, or even sin is?
How can we get them to see GOD HATES SIN and no sinner ever enters His Heaven?
How do we get them to hear?

I don’t know.
But I do know I want them to hear.
I want them delivered from deception, from sin, death, and hell.

Perhaps this post is just a feeble attempt to get someone, anyone, to listen — but I just couldn’t shake it — I had to write it. 

1 Corinthians 6: 9-11
Revelation 21:8