Texas Teens

First, this is an opinion piece.
If your worldview is not a Biblical one, you might prefer to pass on reading any further.

I recently came across an article that I think I just can’t pass on.
There are some things I just need to say.
The Article found in The Washington Post is well-put-together and likely an emotionally stirring one. Many hours and much effort and planning were done to pull it together.

However, the subject article was not primarily written to tell us a story; it was written to shame and/or demonize people who dare to believe that abortion is the evil destruction not only of womb Babies but a train wreck for the girls and women who have them.

“Nearly 10 months into the Texas law, they have started having the babies they never planned to carry to term.”

I wonder if The Washington Post realizes it has placed in print confirmation that what some call a product of conception, this very article acknowledges a womb baby is indeed A BABY. A living human being.

Let me restate that, the article, perhaps inadvertently, acknowledges abortion kills living human beings.

Outside the womb so far we call intentionally killing an unadjudicated human being, murder.
(With the exception of Womb Babies, of course.)

“He’d thought about adoption, but Brooke wouldn’t even consider it.”

Please explain to me how it is that one will not consider adoption but killing the baby in the womb is somehow not only thinkable but preferred to giving the baby for adoption.

“There was only one way she could make sense of it, she said. Losing them now, as fully formed human beings, would be different from losing them back then.”

What heinous manipulation has been done by the abortion industry?

Babies have to be human beings in the womb to be human beings out of the womb.
The difference is MATURING.

Let’s look at maturity. Studies say the human brain is not fully developed until we are in our 20s, even up to the 30s.

What shall we do then with these fully formed human beings whose brain capacities are not sufficient to restrain them from premarital irresponsible sex, shall we kill them for their lack of human maturity? 

Absurd! Isn’t it?
But that is a reason given for killing Womb Babies – they are not fully formed (mature) human beings.

“Starting to panic, Brooke looked over at her mom. When she found out Brooke was pregnant, Terri Thomas told her daughter to get an abortion. While she was a devout Christian, going to church a few times a week and twice on Sundays, she had her own views on this particular issue.”

The article also contains other purported behaviors.
Let me say without hesitation TRUE REAL DEVOTED CHRISTIANS do NOT behave as “Christians” described in the article. 

I am weary of people parading as Christians.
It’s nauseating.
But GOD is gracious and IF they REPENT and turn FROM their sins TO HIM, he will forgive.

“If it wasn’t for the Texas law, Brooke knew she might not be standing here.”

If a Texas Abortion Law could prevent her from standing before a Justice of the Peace to get married, has she really improved her well-being by standing there? 

The only safe reason to stand before an officer of the Court to enter a marriage is because both the man and the woman are assured by GOD that He is joining them in a covenant of marriage. 

Have I addressed everything in the article? 
Probably not but perhaps if you have made it this far into my essay, you have something to think about if you choose to read the article offered below.

This Texas teen wanted an abortion. She now has twins.