Off the Cuff


2 Samuel 7
Two observations, I think.

Sometimes, even Prophets give counsel off the cuff and GOD corrects. 

Want to see why I say that?

Verse Natan said to the king, “Go, do everything that is in your heart, for Adonai is with you.”   source

Now, look what happened.

But that same night the word of Adonai came to Natan: source

See that? But that same night.  Quick action. 
I love that Father keeps close tabs on His own. 
Do you?

Here’s just one verse of what HE said.  
Perhaps you will read more. 

“Go and tell my servant David that this is what Adonai says: ‘You are going to build me a house to live in?   source

One more observation from these verses. 
GOD listens! 

These two brothers (in Faith) were talking to each other! Father GOD was listening. 
Do you like that HE listens to our conversations with one another?
I do. I really do. Each and every one of them.
And I LOVE that HE listens AND corrects His own.
Do you?


Love, Kathie 


Would you like to peek over my shoulder this morning?  Obviously, I want you to since I offered. 

Conversing with Father. 
Father, how do we reach people with Your Gospel who are so wrapped up in the distractions and tinsel of the god of this world? People don’t even know they are distracted and side-tracked, many think they are right on track, pursuing their dreams. They don’t even know they are blind. How can we help them? Some have said love them to JESUS and REAL LOVE would do that, wouldn’t it? But how many of us even know what real love looks like ——-

Your WRATH on JESUS for us
that means You must hate sin pretty bad
(that’s an understatement, I know). 

People don’t hate sin like that. People love their sins.
We can’t love You and our sins at the same time, can we? 

It ain’t happening, is it?
To love You means we hate our sins, doesn’t it?
Help us really love You.

Love, Kathie