Too Soft

Putting in a tablespoon of salt when the recipe reads a teaspoon is a MISTAKE.

Mistake is too soft a word to use when calling people to JESUS.

Pornography is sin.
Getting drunk is sin.
Sexual acts outside of Scripture are sin.
Illicit drug use is sin.
Unwholesome language of every kind is sin.
Immodesty is sin.
Unbelief is sin.
And the list goes on.

Do you see my point?

JESUS didn’t die because I put too little or too much salt in the biscuits.
He died because you and I have SINNED against HOLY GOD.

Repentance has gotten a bad wrap in today’s pulpits!
So has sin  — bad in that Pulpits are so soft on it —  i.e. calling it a MISTAKE or worse yet, not calling sin out at all. 

Repentance is a Sweet Spot and should be so preached!
Repentance is the threshold to forgiveness and deliverance from every damnable SIN that separates us from GOD and keeps us on our way to hell.

Stop calling what we do against GOD a mistake.

It is SIN.

Let me say it again, SIN separates us from GOD and REPENTANCE is absolutely necessary to be united with Him. 

Love, Kathie

4 Bible Verses about Sin Separates From GOD  source 

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