This is a second posting as the first posting disappeared  – one second it was there and the next gone. With prayer I found it hidden in revisions and I am publishing it again. 

I think Christians (myself included) should stop worrying about this Administration and its antics; instead, concentrate on telling every hungry person who will listen to us, time is of the essence for them to turn from their sins to GOD.

This was John The Baptist’s message.

It was JESUS ‘ message.

It was the Disciples’ message.

It was the Apostle Paul’s message.

Check it out.
Read all four of The Gospels and The Book of Acts and you will find the Gospel Is Turn from your sins to GOD (or you will burn.)

Like it or not that is the True Gospel.

Don’t believe me?

Read the Bible, particularly The New Testament for starters, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book.

I challenge you to sit with Holy Spirit and read and you will find the Gospel really is Turn or Burn.

Long ago here in America The Gospel was watered down to make it as easy as A B C.
Just say a little prayer, you can even repeat after me and voila, you’re saved. 
It’s beyond time to change this.
People are dying every day lost and bound for the devil’s hell.

Who in their right mind can believe that it is love to stand outside a house that is burning and you know a person is inside asleep but oh it wouldn’t be loving to wake them up and disturb their sleep, just let them burn to death?

Who would do that?!

But every time we (Christians) refuse to tell inquiring people they MUST TURN FROM THEIR SINS TO GOD because if they die in their sins they will spend eternity in the devil’s hell, we are letting them sleep to their death in a burning house.

Does that sound like love to you?

JESUS never did that with any sinner He spoke to.

Read the accounts of each of His encounters with sinners (people).

So let’s just stop this doctrine of demons right now that is rampant in America:
‘JESUS just loved everybody so much and today He would just walk right up to your table and hug you and tell you how wonderful you are just like you are and say oh it’s okay you can live any way you want as long as you are happy and you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings you can still go to Heaven with Me.’

That is not what He told the woman at the well nor the woman who was taken in adultery and slung at His feet. 

JESUS CHRIST is NEVER soft on SIN and neither will THE FATHER be soft on people who die in their sins.
Only SAINTS go to Heaven. 

As Christians it is not our mission, nor is it love to make people comfortable in their sins. It is not our mission nor is it love to sell out the Gospel to keep from hurting someone’s feelings.

Sinners will never come to repentance as long as they feel comfortable in their sins.
Sinners will never be saved until they can accept they are hell-deserving sinners, and that GOD would be completely just at The Great White Throne to assign them to the hell they have chosen by their refusal to turn from their sins to Him before death.
No sinner is ever saved apart from this personal encounter of repentance and deliverance with The Living GOD.

I am deliberately not giving you supporting Bible References  — if you look for them until you find them, they will be YOURS indeed. 

Again, I remind you, to read your Bible in context and you will with Holy Spirit’s help see the Truth. 

 Love, Kathie

A morning afterthought: why is it so distasteful to open the Scriptures from a heart of compassion with a lost soul showing them the penalty for their sin? 
Do we not know when they see it, when they receive it, Holy Spirit will confirm to them they don’t have to go to that place of torment because JESUS paid their sin debt IF they will turn from their sins to HIM, He will deliver them from sin, death, hell and the grave? 

This is the Greatest News anyone can EVER hear on this earth! 

How can it be unloving to open our Bibles and show people what the Bible says about living in sin?

The most unloving thing on this earth is to have this deliverance from GOD ourselves and refuse the opportunity (due to discomfort, theirs and ours) to open the Bible, and give the Bread of LIFE to a hungry, dying soul. 
I am forever grateful to the man who did this for me!