I Went Shopping

Made in South Carolina.

That got me to look.

And look I did, all 25 pages. I found about 3 that I think I would be pleased to wear, considering colors and styles.

Some of you will surely understand when I say the world of clothing makes me sad.

Obviously, the goal is money but the hook that seems to work on too many is that we must look sultry, sexy, and skimpy.

Admittedly many (perhaps most even) of these dresses I saw would be considered fully clothed compared to others I see on Facebook, Programmed Streaming, and around town; but some of these I would not wear out of my house.
(In the house, for my beloved, oh yeah — but that’s another story that I’m not telling here.)
And that has nothing to do with my chronological age or the shape of my frame, it has EVERYTHING to do with – is FATHER GOD pleased. 
Would I be hono
ring Him or would the evil one be snickering that he conned me into believing his lie that how I dress is my choice?
Seriously, I think this way.
And I know some of you do too. 
But from what I see, not enough of us yet.

Are there guidelines in Scripture, true for all generations as to physical modesty? 
Absolutely there are! 
And I am willing to discuss those with any SERIOUS SEEKER who is pre-determined to please GOD. 

Modesty (even among professing Christians)  is all but lost in this world.
Genuine Modesty of body and SPIRIT.

Where are the women who do not flaunt much-uncovered (or skin-tight spandexed) endowments to any man in sight; either in person or digitally? 

I heard a sermon on porn recently. 
The preacher said
TV commercials are porn. I agree.
Some might be so bold to call it soft porn, certainly not the stuff of pedophiles and sex trafficators. 
I’m just being real here. Underwear is advertised, wearing only the advertised underwear. The key word there, y’all —UNDERWEAR. 
But alas what can we expect sinners to do, but sin — lack of modesty is part of it. 

So this evening I am not talking to females or males that know GOD and have embraced modesty in every sense of the WORD. 
No. I am addressing here or hoping to address Christians not yet aware of how important it is to be obedient to all of Scripture — including how we clothe these bodies in whom The Holy Spirit abides. 
As I said, I am willing to discuss this with SERIOUS SEEKERS who are pre-determined to please GOD. 

Again, what can we expect sinners to do but sin?
But we who profess with our mouths that we have been saved and washed in the Blood of JESUS; what did He not wash (clean) our closets too?!
Do we really think with the Price He paid that we have the right to dress any way we please? 
And if we are pleased to dress sultry, sexy, and skimpy, should not we check to see if we really are Christians? 
Repeating a prayer 10 years ago with no transformation since — is not proof of salvation. 
Do we really think we can go to the Anchor Stores, The Big Box Stores, or even the neighborhood General Store and buy anything on the rack and wear it just like the people walking in those stores that are lost without CHRIST? 

What are we thinking?!

Why am I preaching this?

Because I care.

And why do I care?

Why wouldn’t I? My Father does.

Love, Kathie