You Are The Man

Good Friday Morning.

2 Samuel 12 

As I am in the process, I think I will not be long here.

Nathan and David. 

ADONAI sent Nathan to David. 
I am rejoicing over this and requesting. 
Perhaps we all have people in our circle that say they love JESUS but the way they live denies Him. There’s hardly anything in this world more grievous than that.  I can imagine that Nathan was not gleeful when he got the commission to go and speak to David.  Perhaps you will read 2 Samuel 12 today. 

Nathan told David a story, perhaps a parable would be a more appropriate word.  David listened. And David handed down a judgment.  And then Nathan said. 

Natan said to David, “You are the man.   source 

I hope you will read what happened next. 

I don’t think we are wrong to ask The Father to raise up and send “Nathans” to floundering, off the Righteous Path people in our lives — or even ourselves when we need help repenting.  And pray when they hear the words: “You are the man (or woman)” they will say what David said. 

13 David said to Natan, “I have sinned against Adonai.”  source 

You know when those words are spoken with a true and contrite heart, they are rejoicing words!  The angels of Heaven rejoice and the  (witnessing) Saints of earth do as well! 

Pray for your families. Pray for your friends. Pray for ourselves. It’s Biblical.

Love, Kathie