Warm &Wonderful

Luke 3

I am bringing a little KWT paraphrasing to you today. 

Click HERE for a convenient read of  Luke 3.

Verse 3There must be a turning TO GOD from sin for a person to be forgiven. Without repentance, there is NO forgiveness. 

Verse 8 John speaking to the people of Israel. Don’t even try to fool yourselves or anyone else, if you have really turned from your sins, you will produce fruit that proves it. 

Verse 9 People who profess they have turned from their sins but do not produce fruit that proves their repentance are still lost and will be going to hell. 

Verse 21 – Yeshua had been operating in faith (as He did His whole time here on earth) for all those years up to the time of this verse, for The Father to say what He said aloud to Him must have been warm and wonderful to His Perfect Human Ears.
To hear GOD the Father say: “You are My SON, whom I love, I am well pleased with You.”
I hope you will ponder this. Think about what it meant to JESUS, The GODMAN, living here on this sin-cursed planet by FAITH, reading the Tanakh, and living in obedience to what He read and to HEAR His Father’s Voice – aloud in His ears! 
How wonderful is that?!!

Happy Saturday, My Friends!

Love, Kathie 

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