Churched People

1Well, y’all the last midnight of 2022 is 30 hours away (at this typing).

Thirty hours and a New Year begins.
We make a big deal of it — don’t we?

I actually like New Year’s.
Other than Thanksgiving, it’s my favorite holiday.
I like fresh starts.
I like new canvases.

There’s even something special to me about starting a new journal  – that very first page.
What shall I write?

What shall we write on the page (canvas) of our very first day of 2023?
We have some plans — do you?

How many of you remember back in the 1990s Churched People used to gather for fellowship on New Year’s Eve?
We would eat fun foods, play games, laugh, and talk until about 11:00 ish and then we’d head to the Auditorium or Sanctuary if you prefer; we’d kneel around the altar and we would pray in the New Year. prayer

Are any of y’all gathering together to do that this New Year’s Eve?
Let me hear from you.

I gotta get up from here — time to prepare supper.

22 The Lords acts of mercy indeed do not end, For His compassions do not fail.
23 They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulnesssource 


Love, Kathie 

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