It’s Late and

I am wondering.
How can we preach to this generation?
How do we tell this generation to turn from sin to GOD?
Do you know that was John’s message? It was JESUS’ message. It was the Disciples’ message. It was Paul’s message. 

Scripture passages

Is it our message? 
Does this generation even know what is sin?
Can the average person define sin?  Does sin in their minds have any relevance to them? 

Then there is conviction.  Is there?
Do people experience conviction these days? 

And if people do not know what is sin and they do not experience conviction, how will they turn from sin to GOD?

Does this ever keep you awake at night? 

Love, Kathie

Queen of the Night

Something personal. 

We have a plant.  Actually two.

Queen of the Night Cactus. Here’s a LINK to read about this special plant — amazing!  

One of the two plants bloomed this year!

What is so special about that?
Well, the Queen of the Night Cactus, only blooms at night, and only ONCE does each bloom open; it also closes by morning – not to open again.
Once a bloom develops on the cactus and that bloom begins to turn upward, you must keep watch.
Every night you must check to see if the bloom has opened.

Perhaps this reminds you of a passage of Scripture.
It does me.
The Parable of the Ten Virgins.  Matthew 25:1-13.
I hope you will read it.

Now while the groom was delaying, they all became drowsy and began to sleep. But at midnight there finally was a shout: ‘Behold, the groom! Come out to meet him.’

11 Yet later, the other virgins also came, saying, ‘Lord, lord, open up for us.’ 12 But he answered, ‘Truly I say to you, I do not know you.’ 13 Be on the alert then, because you do not know the day nor the hour.

More of our story and perhaps you will see the parallel of the parable. 

No upturn yet.
Still, we watched.  A few days passed and then the upturn began – sorry I don’t have a picture of ours but the link above will show you how it looks when it begins to upturn.

Our daily night watch began.  With a flashlight in hand, we stepped onto the back porch and peered into the darkness with the flashlight directed toward the Queen.
Nope. No opening.

On one particular night we looked early, 8:00 ish I think it was. 
No opening.
We chose to retire early that night, read Scripture, talked a bit, and we were just about to turn out the light. It was 10:00 ish.
You may think what you like but I am convinced Holy Spirit nudged me to go look.  Again.  And again He nudged.
We have to go I said.
We did.

Look what we would have missed had we ignored the promptings.
We would have missed the most beautiful, glorious flower I have ever seen — in our own backyard even! 

And you know what I believe?  Our Father GOD didn’t want us to miss it. He didn’t want us to miss that glorious beauty He prepared for us.
He doesn’t want us to miss the beauty of His Heaven either.  None of us. Not one of us does He not want to come, repent, receive and believe. 
All it took was obedience to the call, the promptings of GOD. 
That’s all it takes to see the glory of GOD. 

What have you missed because you have ignored the promptings of GOD? 

The blooms were closed by morning and they opened not again.

Love, Kathie 


Today I saw these words: “Renew Your Mind & Believe What God Says About You”.

At first, blush that sounds like something, we can embrace and run with, right? 
I mean some have, obviously – the writing of books and speaking circuits. But is it Biblically proper? 

Have you noticed how ME centered is today’s American gospel?
It’s steps and formulas to try to get GOD to do what we want Him to do for US.
To do this or that so He will bless me, enrich me, promote me, get me to the next level and yes, give me money.
If we read Matthew 4, we would see Satan offering such things. 

JESUS came to deliver us stiff-necked, stubborn, hard-hearted sinners from SIN and HELL. 
That very gift should be enough to rid us of our propensity to seek the things of this world — and when it isn’t, we would do well to examine ourselves to see if we actually are in the faith.

Is GOD opposed to His people having riches? I don’t think so — look at Abraham. 
But He is very opposed to riches having US.
I will leave that right there and depend on Holy Spirit to speak further. 

Pulpit after pulpit serve-up stories, jokes, and out-of-context Scripture to pump up the parishioners so they will feel better about themselves, to see how wonderful, and important they are, how GOD just needs them so much  — like GOD is just about to fall off His throne in agony just waiting for them to talk to Him. 
Today’s pulpit version of JESUS is so sissified, it makes me ill!

Why are pulpits not reading the Bible?
Have you noticed how some Pulpits read the few verses they do read? 

Like they can’t wait to get through the reading and get on with more important words. 

These buildings we call churches – should be bathed and saturated with Scripture reading and prayer –  aloud. 
I mean I’d love to see 24-hour vigils of Scripture reading in sanctuaries all over this Land until repentance comes. 

Know this: the cure for this ME-centered American gospel is Scripture and prayer. 
When people are (and the phrase I am about to use is not flippant or irreverent, I’m just trying to communicate), when people are head over heels in love with JESUS because they are reading His Word and praying about what they are reading, their inferiority complexes and idols will fade away.

Am I harsh? 
Define harsh. 
Keeping my mouth shut, and letting people go on their way to a dead eternity without warning them is harsh, and not just harsh but unloving, uncaring, and flat-out evil. 

Yes, soft, humorous, fun, entertaining posts feel good going on the page — maybe next time.

Wear No More

The speaker talked about baggage; baggage is easy to collect in this hostile world, and when it’s packed and stuffed for years – it gets heavy. Really heavy. 
I can attest to this truth. Perhaps you can too. 

And the speaker shared Matthew 11:28

28 “Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. source

The Speaker reminded me of the many pieces of baggage that we may be picking up each morning and carrying around until sleep comes in the night. 
Words, actions, losses, griefs, etc., etc. that we have yet to properly process – emotions we stuffed, packed down, and now we carry each one daily on our shoulders, our necks, our backs – all the places that HURT. 

And yes Matthew 11:28 is sweet, burden lifting relief  – when we believe and apply its message. 
But I must tell you I don’t think the primary message of Matthew 11:28 is our emotional hurts and losses. 

The largest, heaviest, most unbearable burden is the weight and penalty of SIN. 

And JESUS offers us to COME, for us to come to HIM and bring that weight, burden, the baggage of sin that we can NEVER, NEVER, NEVER unload.
BUT we can humble ourselves and allow HIM to lift it from us.
And as HE does we can gratefully receive HIS Forgiveness and HIS Very Own Righteousness in exchange for our sin burden. 

So this verse becomes all the more special. It speaks to us in Salvation, our Deliverance from the penalty of sin AND it continues to speak and comfort and encourage us all the way from our Damascus Road to Heaven.
It reassures us that we have a BURDEN BEARING SAVIOR who is ALWAYS with us to lift the paralyzing weight of any hurt, wound, or loss that we will bring to Him

The question now is — will we?
Will we bring all our baggage (sin, hurts, griefs, bring it all) to JESUS?
Will we let HIM wash it, dry it, fold it, and put it away, for us to wear no more? 

Broken Record


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am here. 

Here again to encourage you, to ask you to please READ Scripture daily. 
To read not just a verse or two out of context but instead to read at least a chapter a day. Please. 
I mean pick a book of the Bible – a book of your choosing- perhaps not Revelation if you are not well acquainted with Scripture. 
Any one of the Gospels perhaps and daily read a chapter. Daily ask Father GOD to reveal what He has said and what He is saying to you. 

As the days we are living grow darker and sin increases and love grows colder (Matthew 24:12), Scripture is our lifeline.
Scripture will encourage us, enlighten, strengthen, embolden, and preserve us — pray to love the Word as your bread because if you are a child of GOD, it is your bread!
It is your food to nurture and sustain you.
Let us dare not ignore the Holy Scriptures that are able to deliver us!