Engage and Give Back

I am bringing you another one today by way of Sword and Spirit Writer.
As I stop to offer this to you I am about 25 minutes in. I am of this mind at this juncture. This video is intellectual and American. So to watch it engage your mind and your love for America.
Engage your love for a Nation that has given you so much.
Engage your love for a Nation that is in desperate need for the People of GOD to stand up and give back.
Give back in prayer.
Give back by believing the truth, not the lies of the Media that is so desperately trying to give us a president as fake as the fake Media.
Give back by fighting as diligently for truth as the Dems have fought against President Trump for four years now.

Let us not insult the GOD we love by accepting the satanic plan being shoved down our throats by the God-less media.
Here’s the video. Please watch. Please Pray. Please stand for America. Please stand with our President Donald Trump.

For some written information and links contained in the video please visit HERE. Sword and Spirit Writer.

3 thoughts on “Engage and Give Back

  1. Amen, sister. I appreciate your fire for the Lord and our country so much. Right there with you. No more wimpy church. Lord, wake up Your people. We are warriors with the Spirit of the Lion of Judah. We are ones who run towards giants who exalt themselves against the Word and Namesake of the Lord. We need to remain educated on our rights as WE THE PEOPLE. We don’t forfeit to satan. We don’t say what he says about America. We stay in agreement with the Lord. Glad we connected through our blogs. Standing with the Lord, Daphne

    • Thank you so much for your work and putting it out here. It’s a GOD thing that we have met here in Blogland. It is my hope we can help in the advance of our Father’s Kingdom and help preserve America to the glory of JESUS. Stay in touch, my sister.

      • In agreement. Thank you too. Yes, that’s my heart as well to see His Kingdom advance for Jesus and I love my country He blessed us with. I’m a fighter. A warrior saint for Jesus. We don’t bow to evil. We push it back and defeat it in His name. Hallelujah.

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