It’s a Flush

Indoor Plumbing

Yep. I am thankful for indoor plumbing and sewer systems.
You see I am old enough to remember life before our family had indoor plumbing. 
I say our family because indoor plumbing came to society long before it came to our house. For a bit of toilet history, click HERE.

Now. Because this is supposed to be a Christian Blog I am inclined to make a spiritual application here.
And it’s not as difficult as one might think. 

Refuse. Waste. 

Life without JESUS as LORD and SAVIOR is a waste. 
The unsaved may accomplish much; they may have the accolades of the world and they may give many dollars to benefit mankind but what do they have when their life is flushed – if they die without JESUS? 

Matthew 16 NKJV
 26 For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?
what will a man give in exchange for his soul? source

How about you? 
When your life here on this earth is finished, will your life just be a flush or will you be ushered into the very Face to face Presence of The LORD of GLORY?

2 Corinthians 5:8
“We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” source

Have questions?
Are you interested in Eternal Life? 
Are you convinced that YOU NEED A SAVIOR?
Because if you are said convinced, the Best News EVER is that JESUS is willing to save YOU.

IF you are interested in when I met JESUS, click HERE.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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