Real Science. I’m giving thanks today for real Science.
Following real Science will lead every honest seeker to GOD.


All these things have their origin in GOD. 
Don’t believe me? 
Read your Bible.
Cover to Cover and you will find all the above in the Literature of all literature. 
The Book of Job will be especially interesting to the honest seeker of Science. 
Here, start HERE at Job 1 – choose your translation. 

I wonder how many things we do in our society not because we have applied the science but because it’s just what we do. 
We have been told it is good and we assume they are correct. 
Are they? And who are they anyway? 

What did GOD say? 

Well, the month of November will be closing soon.
LORD willing I will continue to write, but probably not as often. 🙂

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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