Well, Did You?

Isaiah 32

If you have not read it today. Please don’t let another 24 hours pass before you do.

It’s rich. It’s full. It speaks so plainly!
How could we miss it?
Why would we? 

Did you read any Scripture today? If not, why not?
If you declare with your mouth that you love JESUS, how is it that you can go for days and days, weeks or longer, months even and not open your Bible and read?
Verse 17 tells me the reason for the lack of peace here in our world is because of the lack of righteousness.
The effect of righteousness is PEACE. Check it out. That’s what it says.
And verse 9! OH MY!
You women who are so complacent, listen to me!
There is so much more.
Are you interested yet?
Christians, READ your BIBLE while you still have one to read!

Love, Kathie 

One thought on “Well, Did You?

  1. What a chapter! The same verses stuck out to me. Vs. 17 The effects of righteousness will be peace; the result of righteousness, quiet trust forever
    Wow! What a verse!
    I can only be righteous if I live a holy life. Only then can justice and right living be possible. Once I am accounted unto righteousness by God, only then can I have full confidence, security, refuge, hope, surety, assurance, safety and feeling of trust. My full, absolute trust in Christ can only be obtained through righteousness. Holy living. That is how I must live my life.
    I had to ask myself these 3 questions after perusing this chapter:
    1. Are there any areas of my life where I have become complacent when it comes to holy living?
    2. Am I careful to not spread error concerning the Lord?
    3. In what areas of my life do I need an outpouring of the Holy Spirit?
    Such a great chapter!!

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