Tik Tok

I’m not a fan of Tik Tok. I’m not even a fan of Facebook, although I use it as often as I can to promote the Gospel of JESUS the CHRIST. 
That being said, I’d like to give my opinion relative to a video I came across today.  Here’s a link to the video, followed by my thoughts on the subject. 

I understand why he would say what he says but because of 1 Peter chapter 3, I cannot accept that a believing wife has permission from The Father to say to her husband (either in word or actions) you follow Christ like I think you should or I will not submit to you.
Yes, the believing husband is commanded by GOD to be the leader of the family by following JESUS, and the believing wife is commanded to submit to her husband, to follow his leadership as long as he does NOT require her to SIN along with him.
A quiet and gentle spirit is what the Father commands of His daughters toward their husbands.
I am grateful He forgives and gives many, many second chances (albeit those consequences of needing second chances can be really tough in the process) because in my process of learning I have failed often.
But I have hope to grow more and more into not only submission to my husband but most importantly to my Father GOD (which, of course, would mean I am submitting more and more to my husband).
There are so many commands GOD has given to His Daughters that she owes to HIM – submitting to her husband is only part of being a godly woman (wife).

In the same way, wives, submit to your husbands; so that even if some of them do not believe the Word, they will be won over by your conduct, without your saying anything, 
as they see your respectful and pure behavior.  source 

Wives, submit to your husbands the Text reads.
Further so that even if some of them do not believe the Word — now is it just me or does that sound like a husband following JESUS? 
Respectful and pure behavior — don’t let that slip our attention as well. 

Of course, if you want an even better understanding of chapter 3, back up and read chapter 2 as well. 

That’s about it. aroma-aromatic-art-2478330

Love, Kathie 

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