We Grew Apart

And she said, “we grew apart”.

It’s a phrase that was coined so we could have “no-fault” breakups.
So nobody has to feel bad about themselves. Rubbish! 
There’s no such thing, Folks.
There’s always fault on both sides – perhaps one more than the other, but there’s always fault to go around.

And growing apart? How foolish can we be? 
Growing apart? 
Pushing apart. Is what it is.

There are other “aparts” but they boil down to people choosing to break apart because someone or both someones do not want to go on together. 

When one of the two senses a breach is forming, someone has to make the first move.
Someone has to broach the subject of pain.
Someone has to be willing to listen.
To hear.
The Two must begin again together.  Make that the THREE must begin again (or for the first time) together.triangle. Jpeg
To make changes in thoughts, words spoken, actions taken, and motives held, so the two can actually GROW together toward GOD. 

Each Pray.
Talk, listen to the other.
Really Grow — together.  
Did you notice in the triangle that as he and she move toward GOD individually, they grow closer to each other

Let’s keep Come Aparts from happening.  Good-Morning-Sunshine-10

Love, Kathie 

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