Across the Table

I would very much like to encourage you to read Mark 1
I will herewith provide you a LINK for easy reading. 

There are so many things to notice about JESUS in just this first chapter. 
Wouldn’t it be lovely to sit across the table from one another and share all the nuggets in this chapter? 

As the GODMAN, fully GOD and fully MAN, can you imagine how comforting and encouraging it was to JESUS to hear the audible voice of His Father saying to Him: ” You are my Son, whom I love, I am well pleased with you.” 

And on the very heels of that He is in a desolate (wilderness) place for 40 days; all that He endured is not recorded for us here but we do know The Adversary was there to tempt Him.
Satan failed. 

Perhaps it’s just me but I think the words of The Father helped Him during those 40 days. 

And don’t you love in verse 22 how the people were amazed at the difference between JESUS’ teaching and the Torah-Teachers’ teaching? 

Have you ever wondered if the devil goes to church? 
Verse 23 will answer that for you I think.  

AND don’t miss how they (the demons) refer to JESUS. 
The Holy One of GOD! 

From this, I think we can know that just knowing who JESUS is is not enough to redeem us. 

And please don’t miss that JESUS had been ministering all day and after SUNDOWN folks were still coming to be healed. 

AND then VERY EARLY in the morning, while it is still DARK, JESUS goes to a lonely (an all by Himself) spot to PRAY. 

Bible Study

So. What did YOU find as you read Mark 1?











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