Just Keep It Up!

Mark 5

A well familiar verse with Christians, right? 
I hope I can adequately show you in Mark 5 how well it is demonstrated. 
Mark 5 says of the woman:

She had heard about Yeshua, so she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his robe; 
28 for she said, “If I touch even his clothes, I will be healed.”
29 Instantly the hemorrhaging stopped, and she felt in her body that she had been healed from the disease.  source

Do you see the progression? 

She HEARD about Yeshua and she BELIEVED what she heard. That’s FAITH.
But that was not enough for her — it should not be for us either.
She ACTED on what she heard; she acted on her faith. That’s TRUST. 
She got out of the house (which I have been told was forbidden for her to do – she was considered unclean).
She got out of the house anyway and went looking for JESUS because she heard He was nearby. 
When we hear JESUS nearby, we need to seek Him out immediately! 

Jarius was the same. Look with me.
22 There came to him a synagogue official, Ya’ir [Jarius] by name, who fell at his feet
23 and pleaded desperately with him, “My little daughter is at the point of death. Please! Come and lay your hands on her, so that she will get well and live!”  source 
The man had heard, the man believed and because of his belief, he came looking for JESUS. 
And The LORD rewarded him!
If you go to Verse 35 you will see the word is brought to Jarius that his daughter is dead and he is ‘counseled’ to stop bothering JESUS with it — she’s dead. 
What does JESUS say to Jarius?
36 Ignoring what they had said, Yeshua told the synagogue official, “Don’t be afraid, just keep trusting.” source 

Just keep on TRUSTING!
And he did! 
If you read more you will find the unbelievers were not allowed to see JESUS raise the daughter from the dead. 
Their unbelief caused them to be shut out of the room.
I don’t want that ever! Do you? 

Father, there is a lot I have left unwritten; more parallels I see and could draw but I think I shall not for now. I am asking You, Holy Spirit, to bring Your Word alive for my Readers. Turn the LIGHT of understanding on brightly for them  –  it will mean so much more and give them so much more delight if You point out those parallels – those I see and those I have missed. Thank You for Your WORD – alive, nourishing, and beautiful to us! 

And, Father, I don’t know the requests, the cries, or the needs of my Readers here but You do and so I bring them before Your Throne of Grace and I ask You in the Merits of Your Son, our LORD JESUS to attend each and every one. Amen and amen.

2 thoughts on “Just Keep It Up!

  1. I am so delighted with your insights! They are deep and profound. Oh that we not only see, hear and believe, but ACT so that we can deepen our trust in You, our Almighty God.

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