Here we Go!

Here we are dear Ones. 
December 1.
The world has officially kicked off the countdown to December 25. 
There will be parties, rivalry, and debauchery, and on a lighter side — hot chocolate, trees, candy canes, tons of movies, and gifts galore – this is what the world calls Christmas.

I think the only reason it has not been renamed already is it would reduce the circulation of currency – Christians would balk.

We have to keep CHRIST in Christmas.

If we only knew!

I am not Jewish  – Orthodox or Messianic but I have a Menorah and enough candles for 8 days of honoring Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

You see JESUS was not born on December 25 – just about everyone knows that. Just about everyone knows He likely came forth to His mother’s arms around the time of Sukkot – September/October-ish.
And if that is the case (and I think it is) the time of Hanukkah would have been the time GOD incarnate moved into the womb of Mary – to grow and in 9 months come forth in the Town of Bethlehem – House of Bread.

Oh, there is so much! So much wonder! So much glory to be seen and believed.
So many reasons to worship and rejoice that The SEED of the woman came to us. (See Genesis 3:15)
HE is The LIGHT of the World. A world in complete darkness.
There are not enough LEDs on the planet to light our way to  HIM.

I hope you will read this research, click HERE– if you do, you just might get a glimpse of why I am so good with not celebrating the global event called Christmas.

Love, Kathieimg_6984

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