Go After It!

Luke 17

I have not much to say about Luke 17 today because I have more questions than answers.
I have done what I suggest you do when you read Scripture and have few to no answers but questions instead: take those questions to GOD. Write them down, keep reading, and wait for His answers. 

And you may have to do what I have done: “LORD, I don’t understand this passage so good and previous things I have been taught crop up here, but I want to know The Truth even if I don’t like it.”

Albeit, I know this from the first verse — life here is not ‘rosie’ and there are people here who actually set snares for other people. We must be on guard – not to retaliate but to be ready so that we don’t step into the snare. 
HOLY SPIRIT is here to help us with that. 

And I gather from verse 9 that we are healthier if we come to terms and agreement with this: “We’re just ordinary slaves, we have only done our duty.” as we serve The LORD and as we patiently endure the sufferings He allows to come upon us. 

I have found it enormously helpful to remember: GOD is ALWAYS good and we (His Children) are ALWAYS loved. 

There is much more in Chapter 17go after it Brothers and Sisters! 


Love, Kathie 

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