He Lived Where?

Mark 2 

Born in Bethlehem   
Escaped to Egypt     
Raised in Nazareth
Lived in Capernaum

From just this information, are you able to identify the person?

Mark 2:1 After a while, Yeshua returned to K’far-Nachum [Capernaum]. The word spread that he was back, 
and so many people gathered around the house that there was no longer any room, not even in front of the door. While he was preaching the message to them, 
four men came to him carrying a paralyzed man.  source

The word spread He was back.
This is important to me. 

Needy people, sick people, honest-seeking people, curious people, and Pharisee People — they all heard He was back, and immediately they came.  Ponder that for a bit, let it simmer, and taste how delicious it is. 

The GODMAN. He was (and still is) the most loved and the most hated of people of all time. 

Matthew 4:12 When Yeshua heard that Yochanan [John] had been put in prison, he returned to the Galil [Galilee];
13 but he left Natzeret [Nazareth] and came to live in K’far-Nachum [Capernaum], a lake shore town near the boundary between Z’vulun [Zabulon] and Naftali [Nephthalim]source

So The LORD had a place in Capernaum. 
We could study The GODMAN endlessly and we would never come to an end of Him.

We have the GOD-given Right to LIVE RIGHT in this WRONG world. 

2 thoughts on “He Lived Where?

  1. So amazing to me! No internet, no phones, no TV, no social media. NONE, and yet people came from up to 300 miles away because they heard of Him! ( I researched the distance from Capernaum to Imudea, Tyre, Sidon, Jordan stated in Mark 3)
    It would take about a week to travel that distance! And yet they came by the droves. Some came for healing, some to have a demon cast out and some out of pure curiosity.
    Some believed, some did not but still they came. Just like today. People are always looking for something to entertain themselves with. We will still travel miles to see something everyone is talking about. The question is, Are you seeking Jesus and what are you seeking Him for? I had to ask myself that question this morning.

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