Cocky hypocrites —

Mark 15

 As soon as it was morning, the head cohanim held a council meeting with the elders, the Torah-teachers and the whole Sanhedrin. Then they put Yeshua in chains, led him away and handed him over to Pilate.  source

cohanim – Priest
Torah-teachers – Scribes
Sanhedrin – Counsel 

Friends, look at that. 
These cocky hypocrites I could think of another word or two but I will spare us – these blind, lost souls think they are so powerful, so important, so in charge that they put the Creator of the Universe, The King of Glory in chains and led Him away to be tried in the Courts of Men. 

It is they who were on trial and it is they who were guilty – I’ll say it. Guilty as hell. 
But so were WE until we repented and believed. Just as guilty. Just as undone. Just as needy. Just as helpless. 

Mull it over if you will–just how cocky, arrogant, and stupid mankind is when they (we) think we can war against the GOD of Creation, overpower Him, reduce Him to less than He is and declare ourselves wiser, smarter, and more powerful than He. 
But alas for 3 days it looked like they did do just that.  (Mark 16:5-7)
And often it still looks that way. 
But don’t be fooled, my Friends. 
JESUS is The KING OF GLORY and He will come and make all things Right when the time is right. 

Hold steady and believe — TRUST.
Hold steady to Scripture. 
Believe what you know and occupy yourself learning what you don’t — yet. 

And that my Friends is what I have so far from verse 1. 

Be encouraged. 
Open your Bibles and read. 

Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

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