Do You See What I See?

Luke 7 

I hope you are reading the Gospel of Luke this month. 

Allow me to share just one of the treasures in this chapter. 
In all the Gospels as you read, I urge you to look, listen, and see JESUS. Look how He answers, see how He handles everyday life. 

John. We have come to refer to him as John the Baptizer was in prison for confronting an Official with the Truth. 
John was born about 6 months or so before YESHUA. When John came of age he began to proclaim the Messiah is here. The One the Prophets told us would come. 

And here in Luke 7 from the dungeon, John is overwhelmed and he begins to wonder . . . did I get this wrong? So he sends two of his disciples to ask JESUS: 

20 When the men came to him, they said, “Yochanan the Immerser has sent us to you to ask, ‘Are you the one who is to come? Or should we keep looking — for someone else?’”   source 

I missed for years how wonderfully YESHUA answered him. 

He assured and comforted John with the very Word John had proclaimed.  When He told John’s disciples to tell John what they saw; when He told John the blind were seeing, the lame were walking, leapers were being cleansed, the deaf were hearing, the dead were being raised, the GOOD NEWS was preached to the poor; He was calling to John’s memory the Sacred Writings John had read, the message he had preached. 

He assured John with Scripture! Just like He does you and me! 

I hope you will check out Isaiah 35:5-6, 26:19; 61:1

As you read these passages you will see JESUS was before their very eyes fulfilling the Scriptures.
He is indeed The Messiah! 

This was a total delight and a thing of beauty to me this morning! 

Invest well today my Friends.  


Love, Kathie

2 thoughts on “Do You See What I See?

  1. Oh my sister! As I read this chapter I too was struck with the same thoughts!
    It was a glorious revelation and thanks so much for sharing such wonderful insights!!

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